SEPT2015seminarSystTheoDavid Skorupa is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who serves as a teacher of theology and the Holy Scriptures.

He is currently leading as the “Chief Tin Miner” of Saint Piran’s Bible College (USA). He recently served as Pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church, Marion, AR, USA. He also serves with other distance-learning Bible colleges in a variety of roles including speaker, grader, advisor, and adjunct faculty member.

His areas of specialized study and lecturing include I and II Samuel, Systematic Theology, and C.S. Lewis’ masterpiece, Mere Christianity.

He is also active as a guest speaker and lecturer, having led live and broadcast seminars in numerous American states and online for students in several countries, both with and without translators. Occasionally, he provides editing and writing services for religious publications. He and his family reside in Memphis, TN.

While he has little time for blogging these days, these posts are available for your help / information and are purposefully written in “less than a full-on academic manner.”  You can contact David Skorupa at