This lesson/sermon from the Old Testament book of Daniel, chapter 6 as an audio file provides some insights and parallels I’ve spotted between the famous story of Daniel in the lion’s den and some of the events in the passion of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

My speaking got off to a rocky start. An echo in the sanctuary and the audio monitor setup made for a different “sound” to my speaking that caught me off-guard. This, and having just completed teaching that involved translators, slowed my pace. You may notice I speak very slowly and deliberately for the first few minutes before I “find my footing” as it were. Oh well, all the easier for taking notes. Skip the first ninety seconds – it’s just introductory.

If you can weather that inconvenience, there are some nice nuggets in the lesson that may prove useful if you are involved in a deeper study of Daniel chapter 6. The recording ends just a bit earlier than my final comments that night, but there’s enough there for you to see how the lesson wraps up.

The recording comes from a Sunday evening service at Ridgeway Baptist Church in Memphis, TN USA. Click the link in the opening paragraph or visit

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