1. The personal library continues to grow at an alarming rate.
Through one of my co-workers, I may be obtaining part of the personal study library from a recently-deceased Baptist minister. I expect to see the books either tomorrow or early next week. (Which reminds me, I really need to take some time and clean up the home office so there will be room for more books and papers).

2. A journey is made up of many steps.
One of my friends who resides in California gave me a call yesterday and we spent a good deal of time talking about blogs, the blogosphere, blogging and all things blog-tastic. He helped me solidify some things about the site I already knew to be true, and showed me some extremely cool tools that are available for overhauling the site and making it more of what I know it should be. Fortunately, said tools are relatively “affordable.”

Expect some major changes here over the next few weeks, accordingly (today’s yet-another-format change is a short step closer to the new direction).

Map of Poland

Map of Poland

3. What’s in a correctly spelled and spoken name…
I met a Campus Crusade For Christ missionary to Poland last night who is Polish-born, and in a short discussion that followed his hearing my last name, he confirmed the following:
      a. The spelling of my last name was not changed when my ancestors came to America
      b. The pronunciation of my last name was not changed when my ancestors came to America
      c. The small village my great-grandfather came from in Poland may have been on the Poland/Austria border way back in the day, and that area was probably the scene of numerous wars and border disputes during or shortly after my great-grandfather and his brother left for America.

I’m meeting with the missionary later this evening to learn more about his work in Poland to bring the lost to Christ.


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