In this world of putting thoughts down on screen, most “personal” sites like this will engage in the practice of throwing out bits and pieces of ideas that have not become full-fledged posts in their own right. Here, I expect to do that from time to time, and I’ll call such postings ODDS AND ENDS.

1.) In many of my discussions with friends and acquaintences about ministry since my ordination last spring, many of them have suggested or encouraged me to start a completely new ministry or create a new church. That’s a very interesting, demanding, and ultimately totally-reliant-upon-God type of challenge, I have to admit. I’ve given the idea some thought through the years, but have not taken opportunity to soak it in anywhere near the level of dedicated meditation and prayer such an idea requires before coming to any sort of decision. By posting the idea here at the WordPress page, I suppose I am engaging in a type of “trial ballooning” to see what (if any) feedback my few web readers may have about it.

2.) After a bit of a delay brought on by attending the seminars in Bloomington, IL a few weeks ago, I’m finally putting the finishing touches on my latest paper for seminary. The book is Inspired Preaching by Wells and Luter, and I recommend it for anyone interested in the idea that much of the New Testament is essentially sermons put on paper, meant to be read aloud to targeted congregations. Granted, the New Testament is also a lot more than just that, but the book is very inspirational – pardon the intentional choice of word – for anyone preaching the Gospel of Christ to people today.

3.) If this story from sbc.net about a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) presentation in Memphis, TN has anything approaching accuracy about it, and if these comments from John Killinger represent the thoughts of many in that denomination, then the CBF train is coming completely off the theological rails. I hope the opposite is true, and that Killinger is a lone voice representing only his own contrary-to-biblical thoughts.

4.) My thoughts are starting to come together regarding my Sunday, July 6th sermon at White Station Baptist in Memphis, TN for the 10:30 a.m. service. Again, everyone is invited to come, and the message itself will be on a level where it will be very appropriate to bring a guest with limited or no exposure to church.

5.) We’ve had a lot of home improvement projects going on around the house for the last two months, which has really taken a huge bite out of the time I’d like to dedicate to podcasting and other forms of media connected to ministry. We just got a call this morning that the final project – carpeting – will be taken care of next Monday. So, maybe July will be the month I really get things cranking up! I appreciate your patience.

6.) May and June have been very interesting months at my “day job.” The news that I am an ordained minister is very well-known around the office now (thanks grapevine) and I have seen the expected “getting closer” / “becoming distant” reaction from some co-workers. Overall reaction has been very positive and supportive, even from some members of our Board of Directors.

– end –


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